About this guide

This guide is the Āhau + Brainbox team's interpretation and simplification of the DISTF rules and Identity management standards for Aotearoa, New Zealand. This guide was made so that it would be easier to understand the proposed requirements for meeting them in order to become a recognised "Trust Framework Provider."

Disclaimer: This is our non-legal interpretation/notes regarding the rules and standards. This is not legal advice, and you should probably get legal advice from professionals for legal matters. ****It’s also important to note that the rules are still in draft and have not yet been finalised.

Note: Most of the text is our interpretation or synthesis of DIA’s rules.

The commentary provided based on our interpretation on the content look like this

Direct quotes from DIA look like this

We welcome questions, suggestions and reflections to this document and its content in the form of comments. Our hope is that this guide will improve overtime based on community input, and will be a helpful resource for those wanting to understand the rules.

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